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This is my feedback entry!

Here you can find my feedback. Good/bad, write it here. If you think something isn't listed at the price you wanted is NOT something that goes here. Timely manner, poor items, all that stuff, goes here.

I'm more of a buyer than seller on ebay, but here's a link to my feedback.

  • 10.03.09

    Still trying to get rid of some stuff. Trying to free up space and pay some bills. Plus I'm unemployed again. Help me out? Anything bolded is a…

  • 07.07.09

    Still trying to get rid of some stuff here. To free up space and have some cash for Otakon. Help me out? Anything bolded is a reduced price. ★…

  • 06.04.09

    New items and some previous ones reduced! Take a look. ★ Short red layered wig. ON HOLD ♪ Was used for a Luke fon Fabre (Tales of the Abyss)…

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